Thursday, July 14, 2011

I'm a happy, happy girl.

Where to begin, where to begin.... It's been forever since I've written. I keep meaning to and then completely lose track of time. It doesn't help that I have the worst attention span. Let's see....

Walking has been going great!!!! Every step that I take just makes me more and more stronger. It's such an amazing feeling. And my ankles finally stopped swelling all the time. That was probably the worst part about walking again in the beginning. The swelling always hurt and made my ankles 5 times bigger. My legs are bending perfectly and straightening as much as I can possibly make them. Going up and down the stairs is easily ten times easier than it was. Though, I have to hold on with both hands to walk really good down them. Practice makes perfect. I'll get the hang of it again, eventually.

I've been going to the gym a lot to get my muscles in my legs back. At this point, they might even be stronger than they've ever been. My doctor wants me to have as much muscle as possible going into my next two surgeries. That way my recovery time won't be as bad.

My next doctor's appointment is on the 10th of August, and I can't wait for it to get here. That's when the planning of my final surgeries and the recovery will begin. Who would've ever thought that I'd be excited to get surgery? Seems like such a silly thing to be anxious/excited for. Luckily, my next two surgeries are only to repair my ACL's. Should be a piece of cake compared to the surgeries I've already had. I don't have either one of my ACL's at this point and I'm hoping that in my recovery time, nothing has torn or needs to be fixed again. My fingers are crossed!

I was in debate on how I wanted to do my surgeries. I could either have one and be in a wheelchair again, which would get them both out of the way but I'd lose entirely too much muscle and my recovery time would be longer. Or I could get them done one at a time and just be on crutches. My doctor is leaning more towards doing them one at a time. That way all the muscle that I've been working really hard to get back, won't completely vanish like it did the last time I couldn't walk.

I can't believe it's already been a little over 7 months since my accident. So many things have changed. My life is completely different now. Everything happens for a reason and I'm a very firm believer in that. I'm a better person now that I've gone through all of this. Well, still going through all of this. A lot has happened in these past 7 months but I wouldn't change a thing. As ridiculous as that sounds, I wouldn't.

I love everyone that has been here helping me through this long process. Family, old friends, new friends, doctors, nurses, my physical therapist, and a few others a long the way. And I've had a million different inspirations throughout all of this. There's no way I could have done all of this alone. And I love each and every one of you for being amazing.

I'll write more soon. I have a million things running through my brain right now and if I don't stop writing now, this one entry could possibly turn into a novel. I'll figure all my thoughts out and jot them down for future blog entries.

Last note, I've seriously never been happier in my entire life.


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