Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Giving Keys.

Ah! I finally got my The Giving Keys necklace in the mail the other day and I haven't taken it off since! I'm in love. Right when I heard about this non-profit organization, I couldn't wait to buy a necklace of my own. I am a huge supporter of non-profit organizations and I always love it when I find/heard about new ones!

When I first heard about The Giving keys, I immediately knew what word I wanted. I chose the word "STRENGTH" for my key because, as most of you who read my blog know, I've had to overcome a lot the past 13 and a half months. Emotionally and physically. Everyone that I have talked to about my car accident and injuries, has always told me that they really admire my strength. Even though they might not know it, that really helped me out a lot. I never knew how strong I could be until this happened. I can't wait to give my key away to someone that I feel needs the message just as much as I did. I know that whomever I give it to, will love it just as much as I do! And trust me, I'll be buying plenty more with other words on them. They will make the greatest gifts!

Pay It Forward
One thing I loved the most about this organization is that you get to create you own 8 letter word to have put on the key and at some point in time you have to give it away to a person you feel needs the message on your key. Once you've done that, you go and write on the website the story of why you gave it away. How great is that? I really think that one simple little word could completely change someone's day or even life.

All proceeds of The Giving Keys go to keeping a homeless couple of the streets and giving them a better life. On the website, it gives you updates on how the couple is doing and what they've accomplished since they became a part of the organization. I love knowing that my purchase has really helped out and the updates make it that much better.

To read more about this great non-profit organization, check out there website which I have listed below.

And go purchase your own beautiful necklace right now! Do it.

The Giving Keys Info


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