Sunday, January 29, 2012


As most of you know, I've been calling myself Iron Man-dy a lot. Almost every single time I go to therapy or the gym. Well, the other day my dear friend, Kyle, came up with mandicapped. And I absolutely love it! Makes me giggle every time I say it.

I went to the doctor on Thursday, which is always kinda scary because I'm never sure what he's going to say. Sometimes the news is good and sometimes it's not. Luckily for me, this time the news was great! I no longer have to wear my right knee brace anymore!!!! Well, unless I'm doing physical activities such as going to the gym or physical therapy. But I'm thrilled about being able to leave my house without it!

I go back to the doctor on my birthday, May 31st, to see how my legs are doing and discuss whether or not I can stop wearing the left brace. I think I can manage wearing it a little bit longer! My doctor also said that I can start taking spin classes! I can't wait to start going!

In other, non medical related news, I've decided to open an Etsy shop. I know I've said it before and then backed out of it, but this time, I'm serious! I've been making my headbands and bows since my accident and I have so many that I'm running out of room to put all of them. And I really want people to have my little creations. So stay tuned on the shop opening! I'm really excited about it!

Here's a few of my many creations:


"It is not what happens to you but how you respond to what happens to you."


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