Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The best is yet to come.

I started wearing shoes again at the beginning of the month so that I could start standing on my right leg. It feels good to wear them again. I won't be able to wear heels for a really long time so it looks like I'm going to be sticking to sneakers and flats for a while. As long as I'm walking around, I don't think I'll really care what I'm wearing on my feet.

Today was an amazing day at physical therapy!

I now start off my sessions riding the bike. I was doing it for 6 minutes but today moved up to 10 minutes. Woo!

When I first started standing on my right leg a couple weeks ago, I was standing 5 times for 5 seconds each. Then I moved up to 8 times for 5 seconds each and so on. Today I stood 10 times. The first 5 times were for 10 seconds, then I did 4 times at 20 seconds, and the last one was for 30 seconds! It may not seem like a long time but considering I have to balance on just my right leg without an ACL, which I probably couldn't even do before because I'm a little clumsy, I'm doing a pretty good job!

My main focuses have been building my muscles back up, straightening, and bending. My right leg is about 2 degrees off from being completely straight, which is really good! My physical therapist measured my bending again today too. Which is one of the things I look really forward to, it actually shows me how much process I'm really making. Last week, my left leg was being at 95 degrees and my right leg was bending at 125 degrees. Today, the left one is bending at 125 degrees and the right one is bending at 133 degrees. I was so thrilled whenever she told me the measurements. My hard work is paying off and it's really starting to show!

Monday will be exactly 6 weeks since my last surgery which means.... I can finally start putting weight on my left leg! I can't wait. I hope the next couple of days fly by.

I'm a very happy girl today!


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