Sunday, March 27, 2011

Love actually is all around.

I had a very long and eventful weekend. Being up in my wheelchair and doing things a lot makes me extremely tired, very easily. I can't even imagine how easily I'm going to be worn out whenever I start walking again but that'll be a story for a future date.

Friday afternoon, I went to my aunt's house with the rest of my family to start getting everything together for my paternal grandparents' 50th Anniversary party. It was a long evening creating decorations. I made some kusudama flowers, gold with pearl beads in the middle and white with gold beads. My family made an awesome fruit sculpture thing. It was awesome. Almost like Edible Arrangements. It was yummy!

Saturday, I woke up early to get ready for the festivities of the day. I decided to wear a nice outfit and makeup for the occasion since I hardly ever do that anymore. It felt nice to get all prettied up! The anniversary party turned out to be a great success. Our whole family and a lot of their friends showed up. It was nice to see all their friends that came and helped make their day a special one. My cousin made an amazign slideshow full of pictures of them and our family while Remember When by Alan Jackson played in the background. I don't think there was a single person that didn't tear up. My aunt also had a plaque made to commemorate their 50 years together. After the party, our family all went to my aunt's for a barbeque to celebrate some more. It was definitely a great day spent with my amazing family member. I'm lucky to have all of them.

I'm so proud of my grandparents on their 50 years together and still loving each other every day. At the end of the year, my maternal grandparents will have their 50th Anniversary too! I'm so happy for all of them. Not many people spend 50 years together and it's amazing to see how incredible both sets of my grandparents are. Through thick and thin, they've made it.

"All you need is love."


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