Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I had an awesome day today! One of the best in quite a while.

I finally got my new EVO!
I got a case for it too. It kinda looks like a ninja turtle! It's so nice to have a phone that acutally works. Now my conversations won't have to end because my phone decides to shut itself off.

I also got my hair done again!
I only need to get it done one more time until it's completely blonde again. I can't wait! I will never dye my hair black, ever again. Lesson learned. Stickin' to blonde!

Summer is almost here and I'm so excited! This will be the best one yet. I've got so many things planned to do. I might just sit in a tube and live on the river though. Actually, now that I think about it, probably not because I've been doing a lot of sitting lately. I'm about to start an exercising routine, mini diet, and going to cut back on the sodas. Time to get in shape!

On a more serious note, I go to the doctor on Thursday. It's almost here! I'm anxious and nervous. I really hope that he okays me to start putting standing weight on my left leg. If he does, then my final step before walking again will start. (fingers crossed) If I get to stand on both legs at physical therapy on Thursday, I'll have someone take a picture so that I can post it on here. I've also been working my ass off to build up all the muscle in my right knee so I'm hoping that he doesn't think I'll need my last surgery, which would be repairing my right ACL. I think I'm doing pretty good without one but that's for him to decide.

I hope everything works out in my favor!

By the way, I hope you all read my last blog post. If not, I think that you should really check it out.
Here's the link: A light along the path.


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  1. awesome hair, but i wanted you to be my iphone buddy! ohhh well, i'll forgive you :)