Saturday, April 30, 2011

Life After Leaving.

Last night was amazing!

I went to Sam's Buger Joint to listen to some awesome music. Laura Marie and James Vives opened up the show for Wes Harllee's CD Release of Life After Leaving! All three performances were absolutely amazing. If you've never heard of any of them, I seriously think that you should look them up. They'll all smooth your soul and make you happy! Definitely some of the best live performances that I've ever been lucky enough to see.

Laura Marie

James Vives

Wes Harllee

I sat down pretty much the whole time because it was packed and I was really nervous. I didn't want anyone to accidentally run into me. That would have been horrible! I still bounced my little feet to the music as much as I could.

I've always been a huge people watcher. More so now than ever before. There was a guy that kept yelling, "DRUM SOLO", over and over again. I can't even explain how many times he said it. I think I even had a nightmare of him yelling it.

I got to hang out with my awesome friend Mack, see a bunch of people that I haven't seen in a while, and I met some new friends! When Mack picked me up to go to Sam's, he had a present for me, a pretty pink and purple squeaky horn to put on my walker! I love it. It's really loud and kinda sounds like a dolphin! After the show, we went to the gas station which just so happened to have $1 Icee's. Yum! I got a Big Red Icee and it was absolutely amazing! Then we went to The Lion & Rose for a few minutes to meet up with some people. On the way home, we got pulled over. Luckily, Mack is a badass and didn't get a ticket. As we got closer to my neighborhood, we saw a car flipped on it's driver side. We pulled over to see if everyone was okay and there was no one in the car! I guess they fled the scene. Whenever I started to hear all the sirens from the police car's, ambulance's, and fire truck's, I began to feel sick to my stomach. It was "too close to home", if you know what I mean.

After an eventful night full of random yet awesome adventures, I was exhausted. And still am. I decided to take today easy and just relax. I'm supposed to go to Reckless Kelly's Celebrity Softball Jam tomorrow but now it's supposed to thunderstorm really bad. I'm not too sure that being in a vehicle from San Antonio to Round Rock in a thunderstorm would be a good idea. I'm already nervous being in vehicles as it is. We shall see how the weather looks in the morning.


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