Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whatever it takes.

Today is exactly 4 months since my accident and not walking.

Today did not go as I had planned it to.

There's good news and bad news.

Bad news:
My doctor said that I can't put any weight on my left leg until my next appointment with him which isn't until the 14th. It sucks because I was really looking forward to using the walker this week but it looks like I'll just have to wait until the end of next week. I'm already counting down the days.

Good news:
They upped the height on the quantum machine so that I would actually be using more of my muscle. I loved it! I did some new exercises for my ankle. And I started doing a balancing exercise, if you know me then you'll know that I probably wasn't the best balancer to begin with, so it wasn't easy but I like a good challenge. We also increased my standing times! I was thrilled! I did 5 stands at 10 seconds each, 3 stands at 30 seconds each, 1 stand at 1 minute, and the last stand was for 2 minutes! Two whole minutes! All by myself. It was awesome!

The 14th can't come quick enough! 8 more days. And I'm still hoping that I won't need my last surgery. I think I've finally got my knee strong enough to where I won't need my ACL. We'll see though.

Even though I can't use my walker yet, I'd like to introduce her to my blog.
And to my uncle's suggestion, her name is Eunice.


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